tna roflo VMBS 3

vibratory motion blending system

tna roflo VMBS 3

The tna roflo® VMBS 3 is a compact vibratory motion blending system that accurately measures individual ingredients to ensure every recipe is a success. Using speed, vertical motion and mass flow technology, its innovative design regulates the amount and distribution of dry/wet ingredients to create a perfectly proportioned mix.

Thanks to its modular design, this simple and flexible blending system works with just about any production layout, while offering a small plant footprint. And with fewer moving parts, less maintenance and energy are required.

  • Achieve incredibly consistent product mix with a compact blending system that precisely measures each ingredient in the recipe.

  • Deploy extremely efficient ingredient input modules (IIM) that blends up to 22 ingredients with +/- 1% of set point accuracy.

  • Increase profits by reducing ingredient cost, by precisely controlling ingredient input.

  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership with pre-wired modules, designed for easier installation and lower maintenance.

  • Maximise OEE with a simple design that lowers downtime, allowing for easy cleaning and effortless maintenance.

  • Reduce footprint with a compact design using 3.5m (11.48 ft) Ingredient input modules (IIM) that cater to diverse production layouts.

standard features

  • Integrated tna roflo® VM ingredient input module (IIM)
    • infeed conveyor with hopper
    • control conveyor
    • weigh conveyor
  • Stainless steel, wash down conveyors
  • Pre-wired module for easier installation
  • Hopper condition indicator lights
  • Central control technology
  • Compact microprocessor controller
  • One stainless steel frame to support the module
  • Built-in feedback sensor in the electromagnetic coil

optional features

  • Variable infeed methods: manual, bulk and directly connected to the processing line
  • Variable output methods: tna roflo® VM, tna roflo® HM or belt
  • Each module can be mobile with a docking station
  • Remote drive condition monitoring
tna roflo® VMBS 3
all dimensions and specifications are per module standard small
infeed hopper capacity m3 (ft3) 0.3 (11) 0.2 (7)
tray width (at top) mm (in) 580 (23) 375 (15)
tray depth mm (in) 200 (8) 150 (6)
overall length mm (in) 3530 (139)
overall width per module mm (in) 1375 (54) 1175 (46)
overall height – floor to hopper infeed mm (in) 2190 (86) 1800 (70)
max volume throughput m3/hr (ft3/hr) assumed: 15m/min (49ft/min) (150/100 deep) 62 (2190) (product depth in the pan 150mm (5.9in)) 26 (918) (product depth in the pan 100mm (3.9in))
min volume throughput m3/hr (ft3/hr) assumed: 6m/min (19.6ft/min) (10 deep) 6 (211) 1 (35)
max mass throughput kg/hr (lbs/hr) assumed: (200g/l (0.44 lbs/gal) (150/100 deep) 12400 (27300) (product depth in the pan 150mm (5.9in)) 5200 (11464) (product depth in the pan 100mm (3.9in))
accuracy (% of set point) ±1
input voltage requirement 230v 1ph
total power requirement (kW/module) 1 0.8
total mass kg (lbs) 1273 (2806) 950 (2094)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • gummies & jellies
  • nuts
  • Pellets - Dry
  • Pork Rinds
  • Potato Chips
  • snacks
  • Tortilla Chips
  • distribution