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Unique Solutions ProMaster 301

in-pak® and on-pak® high-speed inserter for 2D inserts

Unique Solutions ProMaster 301

Unique Solutions ProMaster 301 is your ultimate inserter with high-performance speeds over 1000 pieces per minute. Internationally patented, the Unique Solutions ProMaster 301’s brushless servo-driven, microprocessor-controlled system delivers accurate and reliable inserting placement by bursting individual pieces from a continuous perforated bandolier. Totalising counter/rate metre with reset capability, fault alarm and interface. 1.8m umbilical cable for connection to remote-mounted control cabinet.

  • Versatile capability for overwrapped, flat inserts including magnets and booklets.

  • Capable of high speeds to match your production line process – over 1000 pieces per minute.

  • Compact design with optional conveyors to reach even smaller areas- Fits easily into areas with limited space,  reducing production line interference.

standard features

  • Handles 2D inserts (up to 2mm/1/16in. thickness)
  • Brushless dual servo motors and drives
  • Speed matching
US ProMaster 301*
delivery speed (1300 pieces per minute with 67mm/2⅝” insert length) m/min (in/min) up to 165/6480 at 110VAC
length cabinet/head mm (in) 413/356 (16.25/14)
width cabinet/head mm (in) 445/241 (17.5/9.5)
height cabinet/head mm (in) 273/279 (10.75/11)
weight inserter head kg (lbs) 23 (50)
weight control cabinet kg (lbs) 18 (40)
LCD touch screen  mm (in) 91 (3.6)
umbilical cables for connection to remote controls cabinet  mm (ft) 1.8 (6) longer cables available
insert sizes width  mm (in) 19 (0.75) to 95 (3.75); optional up to 133 (5.25)
insert sizes length  mm (in) 44 (1.75) to 610 (24)
insert thickness  mm (in) <2/ 1/16 standard rollers
<2/ 1/16 to 13/½ modified rollers (appl. specific)
13/½ to 60.3/2⅜ standard split rollers
environmental rating NEMA 12
power requirements 100-240 VAC 1Ø, 50/60 Hz, 10A max.
*CE compliant

all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.

  • baked snacks
  • cereals
  • confectionery
  • confectionery inserting and labelling
  • french fries
  • fresh produce
  • frozen
  • snacks
  • inserting & labelling