tna Conti-cut

the pinnacle of french

fries hydro cutting

tna conti-cut hydro cutting system is the new, cutting-edge solution in french fries processing. Universally compatible with all potato processing lines, regardless of geographical location, the integral ‘switcher’ alignment tube and knife block enables the tna conti-cut to easily deliver against the industry’s highest output capacity (approx. 30Mt/hr) – driving efficiency, consistency and productivity.

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Key Benefits

Drive efficiency, productivity, reduce waste and maximise uptime

Minimum downtime to replace wear parts

Available for french fries processing lines of all potato sizes regardless of geo location and throughput requirements

Ease of access to suction header in event of clogs or blockages, maximising uptime in the event of potential blockages

Achieve the longest cut size possible when processing potatoes in high volume through the alignment tubes

Add flexibility with an interchangeable knife block, enabling potatoes to be cut into different shapes and sizes, such as: sticks, wedges, and slices

Automatically rotate to a new alignment tube and knife block within approx. 1 second in case of blockage in the knife block, minimising downtime

Smooth cutting surface, results in less oil pick up compared to a mechanically cut surface, reducing oil usage and fat content

Advanced grading capabilities remove slivers and nubbins to exact customer specifications

Dewatering shaker recovers water and routes back to water buffer tank, reducing water usage

Water buffer tank allows water with a high concentration of starch to be routed to a starch separation system

Small footprint enables operations on one side thanks to two switchers being mounted on one base frame performing the same functionality as two cutting lines

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