Innovations update: new dry seasoning bulk fill for tna intelli-flav oms 5

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innovations update: new dry seasoning bulk fill for tna intelli-flav oms 5

posted on 1 August, 2017 by

image of tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 on-machine seasoning systemManufacturers are continually seeking ways to save both time and money, often through enhanced automation of their existing systems. Our newest innovation update to the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 helps companies achieve this goal by eliminating the manual top-ups of the dry seasoning hoppers that are required during a production run.


During a production run, one of the key jobs for the operator is to perform manual top-ups of the dry seasoning hoppers. This ensures that the production line keeps moving smoothly. Unfortunately, if a problem elsewhere on the line demands the operator’s attention, the seasoning flow might run out and stop the production run, which wastes valuable time and money.


The answer to this problem is a dry seasoning bulk fill system that fully integrates into the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 machine. The new hopper can reduce top-up time by up to 75 percent and features right product right bag (RPRB) to ensure the correct seasoning is used.

The innovative system includes a filtered container, a vacuum conveyor and a bag discharge hopper (BDH) with a cone feed. Here is how it works: The container is mounted above the seasoning hopper and is refilled using the vacuum conveyor, which features COAX® technology. Dry seasoning powder is lifted from the BDH through the cone feed. It travels through a flexible pipe to the container.

The operator no longer has to perform manual top-ups: The bulk fill system works automatically by using level detectors within the seasoning dispenser. The operator can select a preset time for the vacuum conveyor to stop and discharge the seasoning powder into the hopper.


  • Fully automatic
  • Provides continuous monitoring of the seasoning level
  • Delivers a more uniform-quality product
  • Enables cost savings through reduced labour time
  • Reduces airbourne seasoning, which improves air quality in the production area
  • Includes optional right product right bag RPRB system, which automatically checks to ensure the correct seasoning is used
  • Bulk fill system does not affect the seasoning hopper loss in weight (LIW) capability
  • System manufactured in stainless steel and easily removed for cleaning