snacks production machines

With more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, TNA is the solutions provider of choice for businesses around the world. Powered by our patented technology, our solutions help businesses elevate their production lines and deepen their customer relationships.

manufacturing expertise across the entire snacks production life cycle

We’re committed to bringing you the most innovative snacks production machines available, helping you meet your production goals and exceed your business objectives.

Our selection of snacks production machines includes:


Our robag packaging equipment is equipped with high-speed vertical form, fill and seal technology to enable packaging at rapid velocities. Operating at a rate of up to 250 bags per minute,* our packaging solutions deliver increased production output and high operational efficiency across a number of snack products.

washing and destoning

Our washing solutions remove dirt and waste from all raw materials, including potatoes and other root vegetables. Paired with our destoning solutions (which remove potentially dangerous foreign objects from your raw ingredients), we help you prep your food supplies for later production stages.


Fully integrated with our washing and destoning solutions, our peeling equipment ingests raw materials and uses time-tested centrifugal technology to peel skin and other unwanted surface features. Designed for high efficiency and performance, our peelers minimise product loss to optimise your resource and budget spend.


We offer a range of frying solutions (including continuous, vacuum and batch frying machines) for a number of snack applications. Each of our fryer products is equipped with our patented opti-flow technology, helping you lower the rate of rejects while extending oil life for reduced resource wastage.


Our distribution systems are equipped with vibratory and horizontal motion conveyors to gently transport snack products from one point to the next without running the risk of product breakage. Built using a compact design, our distribution systems minimise floor space usage and contribute to your sustainability objectives.


Our intelli-spin coating solutions use spinning-disc technology to quickly and accurately apply continuous liquid and slurry coats to your snack products. Capable of handling a variety of snack applications, our coating equipment helps deliver a consistent texture, appearance and flavour profile.


Ranging from main-line seasoning to on-machine seasoning systems, our solutions use a single drum to provide powder flavouring and liquid oil applications for accurate and consistent coverage on all snack products. We help you deliver consistently high-quality snack items to your customers every time.

metal detection

Our metal detection systems identify and remove ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminants as small as 0.5mm in diameter.* The removal of these particles ensures your snack products are safe for human consumption, protecting the health of your customers and bolstering your business’s reputation.


We offer a selection of multihead weighers that weigh your snack products at all stages of the production cycle. From measuring ingredients to distributing products between production stages, our solutions help ensure your snack products adhere to all recipe and product guidelines.

*Subject to product and machine type.