baked snacks manufacturing solutions

Our selection of baked snacks manufacturing solutions help businesses around the world deliver consistently high-quality snacks to their customers.

advanced manufacturing solutions for today’s innovative businesses

We offer a range of manufacturing solutions across the entire baked snacks production lifecycle.


tna robag vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging solutions provide higher uptime at maximum speeds while using less film and rejecting fewer products, leading to less waste. And with a smaller form factor, tna robag and ropac packaging solutions have a smaller factory footprint than other machines.

Our packaging solutions include:

For a preview of the tna robag FX 3e in action, check out this video.


Our food processing solutions facilitate the preparation, production and storage of high-quality baked snacks. The tna cryo-jet 5 processing solution seamlessly integrates as part of a complete system or can operate as a standalone unit for complete processing flexibility.

Plus, ensure product freshness and self stability while eliminating the need for refrigeration and air cooling systems. Our baked snacks food processors include:


tna Arcall intelli-spin coating solutions apply continuous liquid and slurry coats to your baked snacks products with a high degree of accuracy. Removable components facilitate quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

And for granular ingredients, such as salt and seeds, tna Quik-coat solutions ensure consistent application and fast product changes thanks to its separate hopper tray.

Our coating machines include:


Gently and quickly transport your baked snacks products from one phase of the production cycle to the next with our advanced distribution systems. Each of our distributors is designed to handle a variety of baked snacks with the utmost care and delicacy, reducing product breakage throughout the distribution process.

These high performance food conveyor systems offer in-line storage and multiple pan options for a variety of high-speed distribution applications.

Our distribution equipment include:


Using both main-line seasoning and on-machine seasoning systems, our solutions apply powder flavouring and liquid seasonings consistently, ensuring consistent and high-quality flavour. Our seasoning solutions are flexible, customisable, and can be integrated on as a standalone unit or seamlessly incorporated into your existing setup.

Our seasoning solutions help move product consistently throughout your production line for maximum uptime, and require little maintenance.

TNA seasoning solutions include: