Thinking globally, acting locally

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Thinking globally, acting locally.

posted on 1 August, 2013 by

Michael Green, Managing Director

As a global packaging supplier with multiple manufacturing sites and offices around the world, we’re very much used to the concept of thinking globally and acting locally. Our expansion into Europe back in 1991 was an important one and the first step towards becoming a truly international packaging player. This was soon followed by offices in the US, Latin America, Africa and Asia, so that we are now supported by a global network of 26 offices and production sites in Australia, China and the UK.

However, opening offices around the world does not necessarily make someone a global enterprise. In fact it takes a lot more than that! At tna, we had to learn quickly that in order to become a real global brand, it was important to learn about and eventually become part of the local culture, and understand the customs, challenges and needs.

image of planet earth. used as a representational image to match with the subject of the blog 'thinking globally, acting locally'

Finding local experts

One of the most important things is getting the right people on the ground. At tna, we have been lucky to find people who not only share our vision and values, but who are also experts at what they do. They all know their markets inside out, can tell you about the issues and expectations of their customers, and most importantly are not shy to tell us what will work and what won’t. This has enabled us to adapt our packaging solutions to individual needs and allowed us to react quicker to local trends and challenges. As a result, we are able to develop tailor-made innovations and can support our customers in their local language and target them based on their customs and preferences.

Setting up strong partnerships

While having a strong local team is vital for developing a strong and trusted global brand, it is also important to set up lasting partnerships with local suppliers and customers. By widening our manufacturing presence with factories in the UK and China, we are able to get closer to our customers, while also supporting the local economy. This not only reduces lead times and improves overall service, but also enables us to regularly evaluate our suppliers and ensure we only use the highest quality materials. Having dependable machinery is key for our customers, and at tna we take consistency and reliability seriously. After all, we’re here to make life easier. Creating strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers helps us commit to this promise.

Keeping your identity

During all office launches and factory openings, we always try to make sure that our brand personality and values travel with us. Our commitment to deliver simplicity, maximum flexibility and optimum performance, so our customers can achieve key efficiencies in production has remained at the heart of everything we do and is our driver for future innovation. However, alongside our customer focus and commitment to innovation, we also ensure that sound commercial and ethical principles are adopted throughout the business. No matter where in the world we operate and what the local conditions or restrictions might be, at tna we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect. We feel very lucky that we are in the position to share our values across the world. Let’s see where they will take us next!