Why you should consider a total project management approach to your next end-of-line food packaging system

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Why you should consider a total project management approach to your next end-of-line food packaging system

posted on 7 December, 2011 by

David Townsend, Group Project Management Manager Nothing exists in isolation. Even the most sophisticated equipment needs to be integrated within the context of the factory’s operation to ensure tangible return on investment (ROI). Increasingly, tna is tasked with providing total project management (TPM) but what does this involve? We think there are a number of key elements that all successful TPM initiatives require in order to deliver efficient and effective end-of-line packaging solutions.

1. Credibility = Walk the talk. Taking on an entire packaging line project means taking on responsibility. There’s no way of blaming anyone else for miscalculations, installation delays, machine failures or breakdowns. TPM demands that one supplier assumes control of each and every stage of the operation – from costing, specification and design, through to scheduling the build, physical installation and any final system snagging.

2. Design = Form and function. All tna designs are fit for purpose and fit for application with bespoke solutions possible for every possible footprint and factory requirement. A comprehensive scoping phase delivers a workable and integrated system that is up and running in the fastest possible time.

3. Performance = More from less. Maximised uptime paired with minimised downtime is regarded as packaging nirvana. tna regularly assesses progress to ensure all equipment is fine-tuned to function optimally. We think this focus on performance ensures that machinery runs harder, faster and longer as a result. But return on investment from tna machine ownership also comes from an expansive and quick-to-access spares inventory, made available from us as a single global supplier.

4. Flexibility = service led. TPM means that any problems can be easily rectified and improvements made to the system cost effectively. Flexibility is at the heart of all we do. It’s also at the heart of total project management; through extensive liaison and reporting to the customer. tna’s collaborative approach means that together, we find a way, or make a way, to achieve customer goals.

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