Leading food processing equipment manufacturer FOODesign, a tna company, has launched the cryo-jet® 5 ambient air cooling system. Utilising patented ambient air impingement technology, the FOODesign cryo-jet 5 cools food products up to ten times faster than systems based on forced convection or natural convection cooling, significantly reducing pre-packaging and pre-freezing cooling times and maintaining product quality.

Suitable for applications including baked goods, snacks, bars, confectionery and fried foods, the FOODesign cryo-jet 5 offers rapid in-line cooling in a compact system that cuts the floor space typically required by long cooling conveyor systems including spiral belt cooling systems – helping maximise production line yield while reducing the total system’s footprint.

Using hundreds of high velocity jets of ambient air, FOODesign’s cryo-jet technology rapidly strips heat from the product while maintaining critical properties such as appearance, taste and shape. cryo-jet also reduces freezer downtime and wear and tear by increasing time between defrost cycles when used before a spiral or deck freezing system.

The FOODesign cryo-jet 5 is available as standalone unit for mounting on existing conveyors, or as a complete cooling system together with a FOODesign wire mesh or plastic belt conveyor. For a flexible approach to total system design, FOODesign’s cryo-jet 5 is available in a variety of sizes and can be integrated seamlessly into the production line. Constructed in heavy-duty stainless steel for ease of cleaning, servicing and maintenance, the FOODesign cryo-jet 5 can be provided with an air filter mounted in a stainless steel housing fitted to the inlet of the fan. Additional features include fan inlet protection and removable jet plates for sanitation, in compliance with food safety standards.

Commenting on the launch, FOODesign’s general manager Joe Mistretta, said, “At FOODesign, we are dedicated to offering our customers innovative solutions and the highest levels of technical expertise. The cryo-jet 5 is the ultimate cooling solution for customers looking to improve product quality, reduce operational costs and improve production yields.”

FOODesign also offers premium quality processing systems including continuous and batch fryers, as well as a complete line of equipment processing solutions for snacks, meat and poultry and baked goods. For more information on FOODesign’s wide range of food processing equipment and solutions, visit or contact us today.