Sydney, Australia, (12 June 2013): Global packaging solutions specialist tna announces the launch of intelli-flav® OMS 5, for the ultimate flexibility in on-machine seasoning (OMS) applications. The latest evolution of the leading intelli-flav® seasoning range, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 offers consistent coverage and flavour for both wet and dry seasoning. Fully integrated with both oil spray and flavour injection systems, tna’s new OMS provides total control of adhesion and fast flavour changes for snack lines. 

Designed to deliver tna’s renowned combination of performance, simplicity and flexibility, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 features a responsive variable mass seasoning system with dynamic vibratory weigher to directly control oil spray and powder flow into the drum. This enables an accurate, proportional amount of seasoning to be evenly applied to the product for improved coverage and flavour dispersion.

Further performance benefits are realised through the enhanced position of the scarfplate on the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 infeed. Mounted to the edge of the drum, the scarf better directs the product into the spraying and flavouring area, providing high quality seasoning performance. Additionally, the newly designed scalloped infeed conveyor allows more product to enter the seasoning drum, while also helping to control product direction for greater accuracy and reduced waste.

With a simple, modular design, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 is fully enclosed for increased levels of hygiene and ease of cleaning. Moreover, a new pivoting drum improves accessibility for hard to reach areas, simplifying day-to-day operations.

Michael Green, managing director – tna, comments, “With demand for snacks at an all time high, manufacturers need seasoning systems that consistently deliver on speed, accuracy and flexibility. Our new tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 provides just that. A great addition to our leading intelli-flav® range, it’s specifically designed to push the performance limits of OMS, while meeting the latest seasoning challenges faced by food manufacturers.”


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tna is a leading global supplier of integrated food packaging solutions with over 6,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including spraying, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, metal detection and verification and promotional solutions, plus system controls & integration solutions. tna’s unique combination of innovative technologies, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and flexible packaged food products at the lowest cost of ownership.

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