tna intelli-flav CLS 5

slurry flavour spray system for tumble drums

tna intelli-flav CLS 5

Featuring an innovative under-surface mixing design, the tna intelli-flav® CLS 5 is ideal for creating a homogenous slurry mix for use on extruded and other dry snacks. This slurry spray system uses tna’s proprietary slurry-atomising air control technology to ensure a consistent flavour application for a variety of products, while preventing and clearing any blockages – without stopping production. Plus, with a single, low-volume reservoir (50l/13gal) compared to other spray systems, the tna intelli-flav® CLS 5 offers a smaller plant footprint.

Designed for quick flavour changes and short or continuous production runs, the system seamlessly integrates with our market-leading tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 and tna intelli-flav® MLS 3 seasoning systems.

  • Achieve consistent and even slurry application with atomizing air-control technology leading to a better-quality product and requiring less tumble-drum time.

  • Experience ultimate operational efficiencies with under-surface mixing delivering a homogeneous mix of slurry for the seasoning process.

  • Realise faster return on investment by reducing slurry waste with a continuous slurry process through a low-volume reservoir full atomising air control.

  • Minimise total costs of ownership through easy operation, a single reservoir for easier access and minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Experience unparalleled up-time advantage through auto-clearance technology – if any blockage occurs, the nozzles spray lance is cleared without stopping production and without wasting product.

  • Create more sustainable and space saving production layouts using a single small footprint and low-volume reservoir (50 litres/13 gal.) compared to other spray systems.

standard features

  • Under-surface mixing design
  • Adjustable mixer speed set by the recipe
  • Multiple recipe storage
  • Adjustable refill rate
  • Single heated double wall reservoir
  • Reservoir level probe
  • Powder feeder with loss in weight scale
  • Liquid flow meter
  • Recycle valve
  • Heated slurry spray nozzles with full atomising air control
  • 3 stages air filtration
  • Washdown

optional features

  • 3 nozzles spray lance for tna intelli-flav® OMS 5
  • 4 or 6 nozzles spray lances for tna intelli-flav® MLS 3
  • auto-clearance 4/3 nozzles spray lance for tna intelli-flav® MLS 3
  • Salt feeder
  • Minor ingredient feeder with loss in weight
  • Second oil feed, mass controlled for diverse recipes
  • Bulk refill system for powder feeder
tna intelli-flav® CLS 5
machine dimensions mm (in) width height length

1200 (47)

2400 (94)

1990 (78)

recommended slurry spray application capacity kg/hr (lbs/hr) 150 to 600 (330 to 1322)
50 to 100 per spray nozzle (110 to 220)
powder concentration range 10% to 40% (depending upon powder specification)
voltages & power kW (hp) 208-230V AC 3 phase or 380 – 440V AC 3 phase
Neutral for power and 24V DC for control
max power rating 18 (24), running load 9 (12) and with heated hosed 11 (15)
reservoir volume L (gal) 63.7 (17)
reservoir working level volume L (gal) min 19.1 (5) – max 50.2 (13)
air supply pressure bar (psi) max 4 (60)
maximum process fluid temp °C (°F) 50 (122)
all above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.
  • baked snacks
  • pet foods
  • snacks
  • seasoning