A new chapter for FOODesign

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A new chapter for FOODesign

posted on 9 September, 2014 by

Joe Mistretta, president of FOODesign, looks at how joining the tna group of companies brings tangible new benefits for customers across the globe.

image of a banner with the announcement of FOODesign's acquisition by tnaFor those of you who don’t yet know us, FOODesign is based in Oregon, USA, and we have more than 40 years’ experience in designing, installing and servicing technologically-innovative food processing plants for many of the top 100 food processors in the world. We offer a variety of batch fryers and cookers, including the renowned batch-pro® direct fired batch cooker, as well as baking and toasting ovens, cooling equipment and speciality roasting equipment for a broad range of applications, including meat, poultry, seafood, bakery, confectionery and snack foods.

Recently, FOODesign joined forces with tna, which has created new opportunities for both companies to be leading innovators in food production efficiency. At FOODesign, we have a strong design and engineering background and, together with tna’s proven industry expertise, we have the ability to pioneer new system innovations and bring a complete series of manufacturing solutions to customers across the globe.

Becoming part of the tna group is the start of an exciting journey for us at FOODesign and we hope that our customers are as excited as we are at the possibilities it brings. From our first meeting with tna, it was clear that our companies were made up of like-minded individuals, focused on technical innovations and strong customer relationships. So it didn’t take long to realise FOODesign and tna both share the same vision in offering full-service packaging and processing options to give our customers the most innovative, efficient solutions.

We have always strived to offer consistent, high-quality service. But like any company looking for ways to support the needs of their customers from start to finish, we ran into challenges from time to time. Now, our shared resources with tna and joint infrastructure provide our customers with a unique and complete set of food packaging and processing solutions that includes customisable, state-of-the-art technology. Because FOODesign’s processing solutions complete the tna range of products and services, manufacturers no longer have to settle for “it’ll do” solutions or shop around to replace machinery that integrates with existing systems. Working with FOODesign means having one supplier to ensure a fully integrated approach with total control over system design and manufacturing processes.

Our acquisition by tna has opened up a world of potential in pioneering new technology, and given FOODesign an extensive global sales network for rapid service and supply and delivering round-the-clock customer support. We look forward to working with both new and existing customers to bring added value to your businesses – and to building a successful future with tna.