Why choose a single source supplier for processing & packaging line?

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From start to finish: Why choose a single source supplier?

posted on 26 June, 2015 by

representational image of potato chipsThe global packaged food market is going from strength to strength, providing manufacturers with multiple opportunities for future growth. To take full advantage of the market’s potential, food manufacturers need quality equipment that is able to produce and package their goods efficiently and suits both their current and future production requirements. However, researching and finding the right supplier can often be a costly and time-consuming task. As a consequence, more and more manufacturers are opting for a total system solution from a single source supplier.

One-stop shop

Total system suppliers offer it all; from processing equipment, such as fryers and ovens to distribution, coating, seasoning, weighing and packaging solutions, including all the necessary ancillary devices such as coding, verification and metal detection equipment. Some suppliers even offer to act as a business consultant, helping you identify and analyse your production needs and proposing improvements throughout the line. By taking a customer-centric view from the start, a single source supplier can add immense value during the initial phase of the project. Besides taking on the project management for your system, a single source supplier is able to not only evaluate your needs for each segment of the line, but also takes a holistic view of your entire production process. As a result, they are able to tailor their solutions to your individual needs, taking into consideration your objectives, environment, products and future growth plans to maximize the available resources and plant footprint.

Total integration

But it doesn’t stop there. Their broad industry expertise and global outlook can really make a difference when it comes to system design and installation. Machines from a single source supplier are typically designed, assembled, and installed so that components will work efficiently with one another, ensuring that your production processes operate at their maximum performance. In addition, intelligent control systems can offer further visibility over the entire production and improve traceability throughout the line. By adopting a standardized approach for all systems within the production line, new machines can be added with minimal effort and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be set for the entire production line. Lines can be operated and maintained in the most efficient way, reducing downtime and saving costs.

Forward-looking partnership

The food industry never stands still. Consumer demand changes rapidly and many manufacturers need to react quickly in order to keep up with the latest trends and global developments. A single source supplier understands that it’s important to stay one step ahead, keeping an eye on the entire food industry, as well as the latest market trends, and not just one aspect of it. By partnering with a single source supplier you can be sure that your production line meets the performance requirements you have now and later, providing you with the highest level of investment security and flexibility.

Developing and maintaining a good relationship with your equipment supplier is essential when it comes to finding a complete turnkey solution. A single-source supplier is able to develop an in-depth understanding of your production processes, your market and your individual needs. This also means that you will often get access to upgrades and services that individual distributors won’t be able to offer. A business that offers a total systems approach has access to a much wider group of experts, including designers, engineers, technicians, sales and service personnel. Each of them will have extensive knowledge of the food industry and will be an expert in their particular field, offering advice and support whenever you need it.

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