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Innovations Update: Monorail vacuum belt system for tna robag 2 series

posted on 18 December, 2015 by

image of monorail vacuum belt systemFor our customers who own tna robag® 2b or 2c packaging systems, we’ve developed a new innovation to extend the life of your vacuum belts.


Standard belts travel through a vacuum plenum guide and wear on the side of the belt as well as the front face. The side wear can lead to a low vacuum, creating a need to replace the belts.


tna engineers developed a new, innovative monorail vacuum belt system that can be retrofitted to your tna robag 2b and 2c packaging equipment.

This new system has been tested at a number of sites and fully demonstrated that the new monorail belts maintain a full contact with the vacuum plenum face. Full contact means having full vacuum pressure throughout the life of the belts. Furthermore, tna’s monorail system can double the practical life of the vacuum belts and offer consistent film drive throughout.


The tna Monorail Vacuum Belt Retrofit Kit provides:

  • Consistency in film drive throughout the life of the belts
  • Reduction in operational costs due to longer life of the belts
  • Maximised equipment uptime
  • Improved back seal presentation and consistency